Islip TV New York State MWBE Certification

Islip.TV is a New York State Certified Minority Business. 

If your organization receives funding from New York State, either through a grant or contract, you may have to either hire or make a "good faith effort" to hire MWBE certified vendors.

Islip TV provide services from actual video production or in the example of a construction contract, documenting progress. Let's talk about how we can help your project to the next level. 

Here is a paragraph from the New York State Office of General Services web page

What constitutes a good faith effort to utilize a MWBE?
The following are some examples of information that can be submitted to show good faith efforts were made to utilize MWBES:

  1. A list of the general circulation, trade and MWBE-oriented publications and dates of publications in which you solicited the participation of certified MWBEs as subcontractors/suppliers and copies of such solicitations and any responses thereto.
  2. A list of the certified MWBEs appearing in the Empire State Development MWBE directory that were solicited for the contract. Provide proof of dates or copies of the solicitations and copies of the responses made by the certified MWBEs. Describe specific reasons that responding certified MWBEs were not selected.
  3. Descriptions of the contract documents/plans/specifications made available to certified MWBEs by you when soliciting their participation and steps taken to structure the scope of work for the purpose of subcontracting with or obtaining supplies from certified MWBEs.
  4. A description of the negotiations between you and certified MWBEs for the purposes of complying with the MWBE goals of the contract.
  5. Dates of any pre-bid, pre-award or other meetings scheduled by OGS with certified MWBEs whom OGS determined were capable of fulfilling the MWBE goals set in the contract and attended by you.
  6. Any other information deemed relevant to the request.